5 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do & Don’t Do

Lots of people think emotional intelligence is a skill, and you can gain it with your own will power and train your mind. But many others are thinking they don’t have much emotional intelligence, and we unable to develop or change it.

Emotional intelligence is a skill, this may be true. But Improvement of emotional intelligence is based on what you do or don’t. This is a deep truth about emotional intelligence. If you want to improve your emotional intelligence. Let’s start identify your bad habits.

Such as, Stop blaming other people for your problems, whatever is the problem, this is your fault not another. Like this you can build your emotional intelligence.

List of 5 Things that Emotionally Intelligent People Do & Don’t Do

Don’t Worrying About the Future

Everyone is worrying about their future, but in case of Emotionally Intelligent people this human law is not applicable because they live in present and think about only present. According to them, we can decide future and this is true. We only accept something in the future, but we are not sure it will happen in future or not.

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Therefore, they don’t waste time and energy for future plans. Whatever they have at present, they satisfied with that and enjoy.

Emotionally Intelligent people don’t plan for the future. They want to face the future with their own eyes.

A big reason behind it, when you stop wasting time and energy for planning future, then you are free from stress and anxiety. And then you will find a surprised for yourself, how much energy and enthusiasm returns to your life.

Therefore, when you are full of energy and enthusiasm, then you always think about the possibilities and solutions not about problems. As the emotionally intelligent people do.

They Never Criticizing Others:

Emotionally Intelligent never criticize anyone, because they don’t feel insecure from anyone. Whereas we talk about less Emotionally Intelligent people, they always criticize others and always feel insecure.

Criticizing may be the vital skill of the 21st century, because it is an unconscious defense mechanism aimed at alleviating our own insecurities. For eg: When you compare yourself to someone else, who is less smart than you, you feel good.

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But Emotionally Intelligent people don’t do this they don’t worry all about this. According to them criticism is a waste of time and energy. In place of criticism, they use their time and energy in learning of new things.

They don’t dwell on the past.

Every one had past, and most of us get stuck on past mistakes and failure. Thinking about past nothing will change, you only feel helplessness and powerlessness.

But emotionally intelligent people never do that, they accept their past failures and never repeat the same mistakes. As I mentioned above, they always think about the possibilities and solutions not about problems.

Emotionally Intelligent people always learn from their mistakes, and always try to make yourself better and better.

They don’t have Unrealistic Expectations

Emotionally Intelligent people don’t expect anything for anyone, and don’t plan any type of help or sympathy from anyone. They always focus on their capability to do things.

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They do this, Because they don’t create any story or plan for another, what the other can do and cannot do. Emotionally Intelligent do their own struggle instead of open eyes dreaming. And always focused on their best that can do.

They don’t like drama in their life.

Emotionally Intelligent people don’t like gossip and drama. They don’t like to talk negatively about anyone, they generally avoid that type of topics and leave the conversation.

And even don’t like a person who has drama in their life. They try to stay away from such persons. Emotionally Intelligent people have lots of fake friends and this thing they know also but never told anyone.

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