How Do You Write a Report on Travel Expenses?

Every employee going on any business trip must submit the expense report to hi company. This report includes all the necessary expense details that you made on the tour. The organization prepays many expenses, and after verification, it pays back the amount left to be paid.

Understanding all the necessary details that must be mentioned in your report is crucial. For anyone who does not know much about this document, this write-up will help in writing the expense report for your business tour. But before you know the attributes you must add to the document, you must determine its purpose.

It is a detailed report that you must submit to your organization to get reimbursement for all your expenses that you made on any business trip. Therefore, you must be very careful while mentioning the details in the document.

The Purpose

Whenever a company sends an employee on a business trip, then the organization is responsible for all the expenses. The location does not matter as the staff member can visit any neighboring city or any country across the globe. All the necessary expenses, like transportation tickets, food, accommodation, etc., are included.

The company prepays some costs in advance, which should not be mentioned in the report. The accounts department will check and verify the document and all the receipts. The tax office also takes an interest in this document to achieve profit as the organization gets tax returns on business trips.

There is a special template to mention all the expense details, which may vary in companies. By using this report, a company can easily evaluate monthly or yearly expenses on your business trips and manage them in the future. You can better understand the report’s purpose by visiting

How to Write a Report on Travel Expenses?

1.   Know All the Components that Need to Be Covered in the Template

No matter what your expense report template looks like, you must take care of all the components. You must add them to your document to share the trip expense details.

  • Traveling: You must mention the cost of the fuel that you used in your car to travel. If you have taken tickets for any transport to travel locally, you must show them to your organization. But if you have used the company’s vehicle, you need to share details of the mileage log with fuel usage.
  • Overnight: On a business trip, you might have spent money on accommodation. In many cases, several organizations book hotel rooms in advance. But if your case is different, then you can show the receipt of the booking of your hotel and get the reimbursement.
  • Meals: While traveling, you might have taken meals at affordable restaurants. It is crucial to show the food bills to your company’s accounting department for a refund. You must know that the government provides 50% of the tax return on food expenses.
  • Incidental Travels: It includes expenses like tolls or parking that the company does not expect. These incident expenses must be shared with their proof.

2.   Things You Must Add to the Report

You must keep crucial elements in your mind that must be added to the report. It is necessary to get reimbursements for all the validated as well as processed expenses.

  • Date of purchasing
  • Vendor’s name
  • Its category
  • Employee details
  • Tax details
  • Total
  • Bills or receipts

3.   Things to Consider While Creating the Report

Whenever you create any expense report, you must consider the following things:

  • Easy Reporting Process: It is necessary to create a simple report that allows the accounting department to get all the expense details. The complicated process is quite challenging to manage and must be avoided.
  • Adding Mobile Capabilities: You must use different OCR and mobile features while using the expense management system. It is common to use smartphones for booking and making payments.
  • Implementing Policies: An employee must know all the travel and expense policies. While creating this document, the staff member must follow the policy rule and mention the details accordingly.
  • Better Workflow: If you work hard to build a proper workflow, your report will be verified easily. After that, you will not face any issues while getting a reimbursement.
  • Automation: It is crucial to automate your reporting process to simplify your tasks and save time.

4.   Prepare a Template and Submit the Document

Every company follows a different template, and you must consider it. You must take the premade template and add the necessary details to it. With this document, you must provide all the receipts, bills, and invoices. All the details mentioned in the report must be clear. The accounting department verified every detail you mentioned by cross-checking the bills and receipts.

Once all your proofs get validated, you will get the reimbursement amount directly in your bank account. This process may take time because it needs a lot of verification and confirmation. The template can make the process easy for the accounts department.

In brief, they can check all the expense information and confirm it with the staff. This report needs to be submitted after every business trip. Many companies allow the use of any template, but necessary details must be added. After submission, you must patiently wait until you receive the reimbursement in your bank account.

The Bottom Line

You can easily write the expense report of the business tour if you follow all the steps and guidelines. It is crucial not to skip any necessary details. For every piece of information, you must provide proof. The entire data must be submitted in a formal and professional format using the template. All the details must be brief.

It is crucial to submit all the bills, receipts and invoices as proof for verification. Once your report is verified, the accounts department will reimburse the amount you spent. Nowadays, you can get the amount directly into your bank account. You must wait for a while, as the process can take some time due to verification and validation.

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