Write a short note on Wind energy?

Wind energy has been used for hundreds of years for sailing, grinding grain and for irrigation. Energy in wind can be economically used for generation of electrical energy and has great potential as a good source. The energy available in the winds over the earth’s surface is estimated to be 1.6 x 107 MW, which is equivalent to the present energy consumption in the world. Wind is used to run a wind mill, which in turn drives a generator to produce electricity.

 Wind Mill

Wind can also be used to provide mechanical power, such as pumping water. Wind mills for water pumping have been installed in many countries particularly, in the rural areas.

In India, generally wind speeds obtainable are in the lower ranges. Attempts are being made to develop low cost, low speed wind mills for irrigation of small and marginal farms, and for providing drinking water in rural areas. High wind speeds are obtainable in coastal areas of Sourashtra, Western Rajasthan and some parts of central India. In these areas, medium and large sized windmills could be used for generation of electricity.

Wind energy is an eco-friendly power source. It is a renewable source of energy, is non-polluting and does not need any fuel consumption. It works up to a few kilowatt system and is less costly on a small scale.

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