Write a short note on Power’s concept of politics.

Power’s concept of politics.

The power theory takes a functional view of politics. It understands politics as the struggle for power and to share power, it influence the distribution of power, and to make authoritative decision. The study of politics is the study of these relationships of political power. The concern of practicing politicians is the acquisition and retention of power. According to Weber, politics is the struggle to share or influence the distribution of power, whether between states or among the groups within a state according to Morgentheah politics as ‘the struggle for power’. In the modern society, there are mainly three forms of power :

  1. Political power,
  2. Economic power, and
  3. Ideological power.

Political power is basically power of political coercion and political authority.  The political power is influenced by the economic power. And apart from political and economic power there is another dimourion of power known as ideological power.

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