Write a short note on Folk Media in India.

Folk Media in India:

India is a vast country, it houses approx. 6000 different varieties of art forms and folk media. These art forms and folk media preserve and exhibit country’s rich heritage and legacy and at the same time import moral education to the masses as well. They have a good connect with the audience as folk lore and folk media are low on the cost and uses the local language that is easily understood by the people. Being flexible, folk media can adapt according to the need of the occasion. Due to these qualities folk media has become very effective mode of communication.

Like classical art forms, folk forms were never dependent on support from royal families. They originated from the primitive Indian culture and existed as an alternative media focusing on the life of the common people of the country.

Like everything, the folk art form also underwent changes with the passing of times but their importance and impact as people’s media remained intact. Great leaders of India used the traditional media extensively to spread the messages and to generate support of the common man during the freedom struggle. India is a vast country with diverse cultures, hence, its folk media also vary in form and content from one region to another.

Though they shared some common elements like being flexible in approach, they combined many art forms like dance, acting, body movements, puppetry etc.

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