Who is a customer ? When does a person become customer of a bank? Or define the term customer.

A customer of a bank is a person who has an account with a bank is said to be the customer of a bank. It is not possible to make a person a customer of a bank if he has made a single banking transaction. A person to become a customer must satisfy two conditions one, that there must be regular transactions or that the customer must have the habit of dealing with the bank and the other, that the transaction between them must be of banking nature. Sir Joha Paget gave these two conditions. But now this view has been discarded.

Now, a person can become a customer of a bank  as soon as he opens an account in a bank and starts the transaction i.e. the first transaction takes place. If a person doesn’t have a bank account and he makes casual transactions through a bank, he will not be regarded as a customer of the bank, even if transactions are carried by him for a long duration.

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