Which form of organizational change requires business processes to be analyzed simplified and redesign?

A more powerful type of organization change is business, engineering, in which business processes are analyzed, simplified and redesigned engineering involves radically rethinking the flow of work.

The business procedures used to produce products and services with a mind of radically reduce the costs of business. A business process is a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined business outcome.

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Some examples of business processes are developing a new product, ordering goods from a supplier, or processing and paying an insurance claim.

Using information technology, organizations can rethink and streamline their business processes to improve speed, service and quality.

Business engineering reorganization workflows combining steps to cut waste and eliminating repetitive, paper-intensive tasks. It is much more ambitious than rationalization of procedures, requiring a new vision of how. the process is to be organized.

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Rationalized procedures and redesigning business processes are limited to specific parts of a business. New information systems can ultimately affect the design of the entire organization by actually transforming how the organization carrier out its business or even the nature of the business itself.

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