What was the Second Five Year Plan for Education in India?

Second Five Year Plan.

Under the first five year there has been a great deal of examination of the pattern of education, and on several issues the opinion of educationists has crystallized into fairly specific proposals for change, as indicated in the recommendations of the University Education Commission, the Secondary Education Commission and a number of committees which have inquired into educational problems.

The progress achieved in different branches of education has been reviewed by the Central and State Governments with a view to formulating programs for the second five year plan. The main features of the programs which have been mentioned below:

  • Basic education is expanded to the maximum level.
  • To reorganize the university education in the country.
  • To spread social and cultural education.
  • To develop military,and vocational education.
  • Secondary education be reorganized in the country.

The problem of organization of the system of education may be viewed as comprising a series of practical objectives, such as expansion in the numbers for whom educational facilities are available, provision of larger opportunities for girls and for women generally, diversification of education at the secondary stage, replacement of the traditional primary education by education along basic lines, development of social education, adequate provision for technical and vocational education, and improvement of education in the universities.

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