What was the objective of Fifth Five Year plan for education?

In the fifth five year plan more emphasis was given to qualitative development and to effecting coordination between the different stages. The main objectives of fifth five year plan for education are:

Primary Education: All state governments in the country have made primary education compulsory for the students between the ages of 6 to 11 years. Importance was also given to train teachers for the primary education for the children.

Secondary Education: Around 20 lac or more students join the school under this tenure. Funds are allocated for secondary education. The planning was to increase the enrollment in the schools.

University Education: The main emphasis in university education is on consolidation and improvement. Provision is, however, being made to provide additional educational facilities to weaker sections of society and in the backward areas. Facilities through evening colleges, correspondence courses and private study will be expanded.

Scholarship and Language Development: The government has planned to increase the number of national scholarships to 7000 to 10000 in 1978-79. It was decided to give 20000 scholarships under this period.

Special attention to Hindi: A plan was created to give emphasis to our mother tongue language Hindi. A plan was to appoint some extra teachers of Hindi at the elementary and secondary level.

Technical Education: Under this plan courses of technical education would be diversified. It was considered necessary to create new engineering colleges and institutes through out the country.

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