What is the Sri Aurobindo Ghosh Philosophy of Education? Discuss the Aims of Education according to Sri Aurobindo Ghosh?

Sri Aurobindo Ghose Philosophy of Education:

Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of life was an outcome of his own life experiences, education and insight. He blended eastern and western cultures and matter and spirit. In his opinion, there is an evolution of consciousness called Truth Consciousness, Super Mind, Super Consciousness or Dynamic Divine. He strongly held that reason and intellect are inadequate to acquire knowledge, it requires something more like intuition or super consciousness. As cosmic energy is evolutionary, so is human mind which has dynamic relationship, with higher levels of consciousness.

Aurobindo’s philosophy emphasizes on the integral experience of  ‘Satchidanand’. He suggested that in devising a true and living education, three things are to be taken into account:

  • Man.
  • The individual in his consciousness and his uniqueness.
  • The nation or universal humanity.

Aims of Education According to Sri Aurobindo:

Sri Aurobindo emphasized on integral education which is the manifestation of Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Love. “Beauty” involves a programme of physical education to build a body that is beautiful in form, harmonious in posture and powerful in functions. “Power” involves control of sensations. “Knowledge” involves development of an active and alert mind. “Love” involves creation of desirable feelings and emotions, which should aim at selfless good to others and communion with the Divine.

Moral education is very significant to cultivate right emotions. Sadhana (spiritual meditation) is necessary for religious living. Imagination is an important instrument for the training of senses, other mental faculties, memory, judgement, observation, comparing and contrasting and analogy. He also suggested psychic education and supra-mental education. His integral education concerns.itself with five principal activities of the human being physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual.

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