What is the role of Public relations in the Public Sector?

Public relations in the Public Sector.

The public sector units in the country have a negative image. They are considered as under-utilized in capacity, over staffing, lacking professionalism and having large gestation period. For the common man, the PSUs are inefficient production and loss-making organizations.

Specialized Role of Public Relation in Public Sector Unit:

The PR has a specialized role in the public sector. It has to project that the PSUs are:

  • Profitable and productive.
  • Contribute to the country’s economy.
  • Committed to the society.
  • Help revive sick units.
  • Self-reliant in the major sectors

Besides, the PR should highlight the policies, programs and achievements and benefits schemes. These can influence public opinion in favor of PSUs.

The Public Relations Person in Public Sector:

The PR person in the PSUs should have good understanding about the government policies on public sector. He should be a good communicator and should have knowledge of publicity techniques. He should have direct access to the top management including the CEO, He should attend all meetings and should involve in creating good understanding between the public and the enterprise.

The PR person must ensure good relations between the trade union and the management. He also must have good relation with the press. He has to give.. replies to the queries of the press. He has to prepare press releases for the company and organizes press conference whenever the company has to inform something to the press. He is the representative of the PSU.

Community Relations:

Every company should nurture good relations with the local community. It should try to promote a favorable image that it is socially beneficial to the community. To achieve this, a company must have understanding about the community their problems, economic and political condition, existing facilities for education, medical aid, local leaders and business organizations or welfare agencies. The community may have problems like traffic, water supply, pollution, garbage disposal, preservation of historical sites, flood control or fire protection.

The company must support the local causes and participate in solving issues in cooperation with the civic department. Some business houses adopt local villages to provide them all amenities. The company should arrange visits to the area and hear the grievances or suggestions from local community leaders and announce community service schemes. Besides, companies can arrange cultural programs or sports events as a part of PR activity to earn goodwill of the community.

Concern for Environment:

For all organizations, environment protection has become important. PSUs are under pressure to recognize their obligations and act responsibly. They have to be sensitive to the environment since the people are now more educated and environment conscious. The damage caused to the environment by chemical gases emitted by factories has been highlighted by the media and people are also aware about it.

Chlorofluoro Carbon, used in aerosols, refrigerators, air-conditioners and plastic foam, is dangerous to the ozone-layer. Thus, it is the responsibility of every organization to have regard for the environment and take adequate measures to avoid any possible damage to the ecology.

For environment protection, an organization should:

  • Ensure efficient and pollution free functioning.
  • Recycle industrial waste.
  • Have proper discharge channels for effluents.
  • Provide treatment of toxic gases.
  • Have water and air purifying installations.

Public Sector Unit Image:

Public Sector for Public Good: It is the responsibility if the PR person in the public sector to say a lot in its defense by promoting positive aspects. The public sector has been playing a great role in fulfilling the social requirements. The PSU provides employment and looks after its employees by offering subsidized education, water, canteen, electricity and other welfare services. Apart from these, it plays a socially responsible role by preventing concentration of wealth in a few capitalists. The PR has to highlight the role of public sector for public good.

A company has a number of public’s including employees, suppliers, media, dealers, community leaders. They have a certain impression about the organization. The corporate image is the way the various public’s view the organization. It is important that the company should have a good image.

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