What is the main difference between TV medium and radio medium?

Television Medium:

Now-a-days, businessmen choosing television in order to advertise their product. They use it as a medium of mass communication. One cannot deny the fact that the growth of television took place with the coming of satellite transmission and establishment of more relay stations with the view to target remote parts of the country. Television is more effective than any other medium like press and radio because it provides sound, vision and movement and this is the reason why businessmen prefer TV to demonstrate their product and its advantages. TV provides extensive coverage and the effect and impact of visual communication on the viewers.

In remote areas, there are community centers and public places so that the poor and needy ones who cannot afford to buy TV sets can watch TV programs. All types of channels are there on TV. Cartoon network, geographic and discovery channels etc, are there for the little ones; news channels, devotional channels etc, are there for the old ones daily soaps, cookery channels are there for the ladies to watch and fashion channels, sports and movie channels etc, are therefor the youngsters. One has to pay a heavy amount in order to advertise a product. Large companies con only bear the high amount and make use of this medium. Another demerit of TV is that the duration of the ad is only for a few seconds. One may not remember the message or product advertised.

Radio Medium:

It has become popular because low income groups can also afford the radio sets. A lot of people now-a-days prefer to listen to radio. businessmen can reach a large number of people in different parts of the country very easily to advertise their product through radio broadcasts. It proves to be the best for various consumer goods like movies, fans, refrigerators, sewing machines, leather items, travelling bags etc.

Radio is very useful because though it is an audio medium, it does not require education to receive the message. Messages which are communicated orally are more impressive than the print messages. On the other hand, it has got some demerits also. One cannot remember the message in detail, the life of the advertisement is very short, it is more expensive than press advertising etc.

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