Psychology and Some Other Disciplines


Psychology is also concerned with other non-science disciplines as well. For instance, the relationship between philosophy and psychology is well known as psychology was born of philosophy and psychological theories are influenced by the views of the philosophers, up to the present time also.

Psychology, is also related to art and literature. Study has been done on the role of psychological factors on pieces of literature and art. The role of psychological factors like ego, motivation and personality in literary and artistic conditions has been analysed by Freud, Jung and other well known psychologists.

Psychological factors are being considered even in designing and constructing buildings town planning which links the science with architecture also. Thus, psychology has a relation with almost all other academic disciplines and- the reason for it lies in the fact that psychology deals with improvement in human behaviour and that is a basic science, and all other disciplines have something or the other to do with human beings, their improvement and enhancement of their happiness. So, it obviously has some relation or the other with other fields.

So, if psychology is so dependent and related to other fields, question arises in our minds whether it is a full-fledged independent discipline or not. It definitely is. Psychology may have taken a lot of subject-matter from other disciplines by depending upon their researches and developments, it has its uniqueness and own identity.

Other disciplines have a partial connect with behaviour, with its certain aspects, as economics is interested in economic behaviour, but psychology is concerned with all the aspects of behaviour, i.e., behaviour in totality. Also, in addition to borrowing from other disciplines, psychology has also provided a lot of information to other disciplines and contributed to their development and is doing so more and more.

The use of psychology by other disciplines happens more when the scientific knowledge of these subjects is being applied in action programs. The above discussion makes the scope of psychology very clear now The subject ceases to be limited to philosophical speculations, and is considered more of a science, in fact a psycho-socio-biological science. It is related to other subjects as well as independent, having a larger scope and more implications.

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