What is Professional education?

Professional Education former aims at cultivation of human mind and development of mental faculties, and creating discipline based knowledge, however, the latter aims at imparting, a body of specialized knowledge and application of this knowledge to serve the society in desirable ways.

Professional education implies implementing theoretical specialized knowledge into practical situations. Professional education is meant to be used for social welfare and earning a livelihood and not as a leisure time activity.

A profession is a field of endeavor whose practitioners have a collective idea of the goad in their work that does not overlap exactly with the self-interest of themselves or their employees. Professionals have goals and ideals and purposes having to do with the history, the techniques and the social role of their field, which rise above the daily demands of the work.

They are in discourse with each other about matters broader than just the completion of the work assignment at hand. Professionals have to deal with complexity in their work. Professionals do work that has a public purpose.

Features of a profession are as follows:

  • Profession is meant to provide a social service.
  • Every profession has a specialized body of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • A profession demands the professional to update himself continuously in knowledge base as well as in practical training.
  • Each profession has an association for its practitioners to take care of their interests.
  • Each profession has a code of conduct which all its members are supposed to abide by.
  • The association of professionals make an effort that its members grow in their professional career.
  • A professional is allowed to use his own judgement to judge the appropriateness of professional practices.

There are many such fields that demand study of specialized body of knowledge rather than knowledge for the sake of knowledge alone. Examples of professional education are study of MBBS, LLB, B.Ed, MBA etc.

All these professions fulfill the features of a profession. Professional education is becoming more and more, popular day-by-day specifically in urban areas. It is gaining popularity as it carries a high social status and gives a handsome livelihood to the degree holder. It gives a personal satisfaction as well as it has an element of social service.

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