What is placement in HRM?

Placement is the process of assigning specific jobs and work places to the selected candidates. It involves putting square pegs in to square holes i.e. matching the individual and the job. Correct placement is in no way less important than accurate selection. Even a competent employee maybe inefficient and dissatisfied if put on a wrong job.

Correct placement helps to improve efficiency and satisfaction of employees. While placing employees on the job the requirements of both the organization and the employee should be considered requirements of the organization include nature of job, number of vacancies in a particular branch or unit degree of difficulty in the job etc. Age, marital status, language patterns, qualifications and experience of a particular candidate should also be considered while placing the right man on the right job.

In selecting the successful candidate, the panel must make a decision based on the merit and eligibility of the candidates as judged by:

  • Content of application.
  • Qualifications.
  • Performance at Interview.
  • Outcome of any selection tests.
  • Right to work.

The panel must seek to ensure that candidates appointed will actively promote the core values. Which are as follows:

  • Assess the need for the job and ensure there is adequate funding for it.
  • Review the job description to ensure that it meets the present and future requirements.
  • Review the person specification to ensure it meets the requirements of the job description.
  • Design the selection process.
  • Draft the advertisement and select the advertising media.
  • Short list using the person specification only.
  • Interview and test short-listed candidates.
  • Validate references, qualifications and security clearances.
  • Make appointment.

Managers hold the responsibility for ensuring this framework is followed. HR is available for advice and will assist in general administration of the recruitment process.

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