What is different between Star Topology and Bus Topology?

Star Topology.

It is one of the most common network setups where each of the devices and computers on a network connect to a central hub. The hub is connected to all the nodes directly. Each computer is interconnected indirectly to each other. A hub is used to expand one network connection into many. In small networks we use single hub and in larger we use many.

What is different between Star Topology and Bus Topology?

Advantages of Star Topology

  • It is more reliable.
  • Failing of one connection does not disturb the network, it can be isolated by hub.
  • It is easy to replace, install or remove hosts or other devices.
  • Easy to troubleshoot.
  • Performance is fast.

Limitations of Star Topology

  • Costly network topology.
  • The network will not work if the hub is not functioning.
  • Usually, a device is needed to switch the network traffic.

Bus topology is a network setup where each of the computers and network devices are connected to a single cable or backbone.

The computers are connected with single communication cable. It allows only one computer to send a message at a time. The more the number of computers attached to it, lesser will be the speed. A node can transmit the data when it finds the bus free, means when the bus is busy it has to wait. Each node connected to the network has a unique address, which is used by the operating system to keep track of data transmission.

It is the most common and simple topology used in networking. The nodes are connected a single wire called backbone. The nodes wait for their turn and then send or receive data or messages. For this, the unique addresses assigned play a help.

What is different between Star Topology and Bus Topology?

Advantages of Bus Topology

  • It is simple to use.
  • It is reliable.
  • Cost effective.
  • Scope of extension is there, and it is easy to implement.
  • Failure of one node will not disturb others.

Limitations of Bus Topology

  • A computer has to wait for its turn to come.
  • Number of computers can affect speed of LAN.
  • If extended, the speed will get affected.
  • Nodes are connected using terminators at both the ends of the cable.

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