What do you understand by advertising media? Discuss the importance of media for advertising?

Advertising Media.

Media is said to be the means of communicating advertising message, the vehicles of communication. Advertising medium is nothing but the method adopted in order to communicate the message of an advertisement. Advertising media provides support to personal selling and it is very useful and cheap as compared to personal selling. Advertising is preferred by businessmen because it helps in drawing the attention of the target audience. It has become more important with the upcoming of large scale industries and modern methods of communication. With the help of advertising media, one can easily convey the information in a detailed form.

To communicate the sponsored message and also repeat it at regular intervals is the main task of the media. Newspapers which carry printed messages, radio which helps to broadcast and communicate ads to the listeners, posters, handbills, slides, outdoor display of goods are all called media of advertising. It is used by companies.with a view to bring products and services to the notice of potential customers. Media that is used for local purposes are less expensive than personal selling. In advertising, the visual or oral message is prepared first and then communicated in order to inform and make people aware of a product, a service or a point of view.

Importance of Advertising Media: 

Promotion of sales is the main objective of all advertising. An important role is played by the media of advertising in the sale of goods and services. Promotion is essential because there are a large number of potential buyers and suitable media is required to do this. Producers cannot personally approach people and inform them about their products. Small producers can opt for this method but large scale industries cannot go for personal selling because a salesperson can only contact a limited number of people or retail shops. Media even provides the repetition of the message and helps in sustaining and reminding the customers interest in a product or service. In few types of media, cost of using larger space and longer time is more.

In press media, one can get as much space as required by paying the charges. Depending on the time required to be devoted, radio and TV can also be used with a view to advertise a product. Mass media helps in creating demand also. Small business firms can reach large number of people by using certain media like handbills, posters, signboards etc. One doesn’t have to invest a huge amount in advertising, if the media is used for local purposes, media advertising saves time as compared to personal selling.

Advertising a product through personal selling involves a lot of time and labor. Traders can easily convince potential customers regarding usefulness or quality of products, if the buyers already have the same information through advertisements. Media advertising is said to be complimentary to personal selling.

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