What do you mean by deemed owners in respect of a house property?

Deemed owners, [See. 27] : The following person Who are actually not the legal owners of the house property are deemed to be the owners of the property for income tax purposes:

  • Any property transferred to spouse or Minor child (not being a married daughter) without adequate consideration. In such a case, transfer or shall be deemed to be the owner of the house. There should not be any agreement with the spouse to live apart.
  • Holder of an impartial Estate i.e., property not legally divisible.
  • A member of the cooperative society, company or Association of persons to when a building or part thereof is allotted or lease, under a house Building scheme of the Society, company or association.
  • A person who is allowed to take or retain possession of a building a part thereof in part performance of a contract as referred to in Transfer of Property Act, 1882. It covers cases where possession is handed over and payment is made pending registration.
  • Person having right in a property for a period of not less than 12 years.

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