Tata Motors launched a range of health and Hygiene accessories for the clients.

Tata Motors said it’s launched a range of health and Hygiene accessories for the clients. In keeping with the corporation’s continuing endeavor to ensure the safety of its clients always, these accessories are specially intended to offer car owners with another level of safety, Tata Motors said in a statement.

All these will be provided as genuine accessories and also will be available at all Tata business outlets in the country, it added. The goods include hand sanitizer, air purifier, air filter and sanitization kits. The air purifier can be readily fitted in the cup holder slot of Tata cars.

The air filter on the other hand may be installed in the Nexon and also the Harrier as of today. Sanitization kit includes hand sanitizer, N95 masks, hand gloves, safety touch key, tissue box, and mist diffuser amongst others.

Carbon HEPA filter and also UV-C mild that’s claimed to enhance the air quality, eliminate volatile organic chemicals along with viruses and bacteria, and filter out hazardous smoke. The purifier is designed to fit in the cup holder slot machine of all Tata cars.

Tata Motors launched a range of health and Hygiene accessories for the clients.

Germs and germs of around 0.3 microns, thereby enhancing the caliber of the in-cabin atmosphere and preventing clients from allergic diseases and respiratory disorders. This filter is presently offered only for the Nexon along with the Harrier, and will probably be soon introduced across the complete variety of automobiles.

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Clients with significant hygiene things like a hand sanitizer, N-95 masks, hand gloves, safety contact key, tissue box, mist diffuser and a driving kit with covers to the vulnerable touch points such as the steering wheel, handbrake and gear knob and the seats.

Additionally, to maintain a safe space between the Driver and the passengers, the company has launched separator films, which creates a barrier between both front occupants as well as the rear passengers, therefore Enhancing their security.

Furthermore, Tata Motors is also offering a Car air and Surface disinfectant services that elicits ozone to clean the air from bacteria/virus. Once kept in a closed car for around 20 minutes, the system disinfects the in-cabin area.

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