Science is a systematized body of knowledge gathered through carefully observing and measuring events. Explain the given statement.

The aim of science is to classify, understand, and unify the objects and phenomena of the material world. The study of science is very systematic. The scientist uses statistical tools of collecting data by various methods and forming principles on the basis of the data collected. Just the collection of this data is not sufficient.

The vast data will make no sense. The data has to be arranged in a systematic manner and ordered and analysed by using a statistical tool. Then only the data will become meaningful. This helps to measure the events. Science uses a combination of very precise observation and experimentation, logic and intuition, and then tries to understand the rules which predominate in this world.

Measurement is an important feature of a science. It means the assignment of numbers to objects or events according to certain rules. Physics is ranked the highest among the sciences as it has developed the most precise measurements.

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