How education play an important role in transmission of culture.

Education for Transmission of Culture:

Culture and education are inseparable and yet complementary with multiple points of interaction. Culture paves the way for education while education is responsible for flavoring the cultural values in life. Therefore, both have to be interwoven in various ways. A sense of pride in our culture has to manifest itself through all the stages of an individual’s growth. Primary education is where it all starts and the child begins to respect the importance of a value based life as he and he sees things and events happening, and the behaviour of others, around.

All these collectively form the personality that develops in the process. Therefore, it is necessary to inculcate the importance of education and value-based living for a truly sustainable development bf the rural sector.

The maxims of Gandhiji, Tagore, Vinoba Bhave and many other social activists, bordering one equitable living, rural empowerment, voluntary rural reconstruction and transformation, and sustained rural development, have to be made as the central themes of the education system. Education founded on strong cultural values will help students understand and acknowledge the significance of culture in the development context. Education devoid of culture will only serve as a flight to obscurity.

When one uses the phrase education rooted in culture, what it means is that if education has to serve as and engine for development, especially in the rural areas, then it has to extract the best out of our values that have stood the test of time in the face of adversities ranging from tyranny to colonialism/imperialism or other turbulence’s and propel ourselves onto the path of inclusive development.

Obviously, the development of a nation hinges on how much its rural segment has been mobilized to contribute to the over-all growth. While material growth is evident amongst many nations, the cultural dividend is grossly missing. Some cultures have been lost to reconstruct their history, picking up bits and pieces of their cultural heritage whatever little can be traced in order to revive some of their cultures. So, as we can see, although there is rural development, the cultural pedigree is often missing.

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