How can you classify computers according to technology?

Classification of computer based on technology:

Analog Computers: An analog computer can perform arithmetical operations by using some variable physical quantity. Such as mechanical movement or voltage, to represent numbers. It can be used to solve various types of problems. It is used in solving problems in relationship of changing variable quantities. The analog system is set up according to initial conditions and then allowed to change freely. These have been used in various ways simulating the operation of aircraft and the like.

Digital Computers: Digital computer is known as. digital because of the quality of performing calculations and logical operations with quantities represented as digits, usually in the binary number system. It can accept data in discrete manner. The data is represented internally in binary notation in a digital computer thus enhancing its speed and storage capacity.

Hybrid Computers: Hybrid computer is a digital computer that accepts analog signals, converts them to digital and processes them in digital form. This integration is obtained by digital to analog and analog to digital converter. A hybrid computer may use or produce analog data or digital data. It accepts a continuously varying input, which is then converted into a set of discrete values for digital processing.

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