Explain various Applied Fields of Psychology.

The applied fields of psychology are Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Community Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, Medical Psychology and School Psychology. The applied fields of psychology take their inputs from the main/academic branch to find solutions to problems.

The following is a description of some of them:

Social Psychology:

Social Psychology studies human social behavior like aggression, friendship, etc. The aim is to throw light on all aspects of behavior in social setting, how we perceive others, how others view us. Research done by social psychologists provide information to various people like business executive and community leaders which get a lot of help from the information.

Clinical Psychology:

Clinical Psychology deals with the clinical aspect of emotional troubles and psychological disorders. It finds the causes of such behavior and how the treatment is to be done.

Community Psychology:

Community Psychology is related to the application of psychological principles and ideas to help solve social problems and help the individuals to adapt to their work and living groups.

Counselling psychology:

Counselling psychology is primarily concerned with psychotherapy and personal counseling. It conducts researches related to emotional disturbances and counselling methods. A counselor is similar to a clinical psychologist with the only difference being that clinical psychologists take up the more serious problems that require medical treatment.

Educational Psychology:

Educational Psychology researches the teaching styles, educational tests, educational programmes and all aspects of the educational process. To increase the efficiency of the school learning.

Forensic Psychology:

Forensic Psychology looks into the problems of crime and crime prevention, rehabilitation programmes, prisons, courtroom dynamics, and selection of candidates for public work.

Industrial psychology:

Industrial psychology deals with all kinds of behavior at work. That may be selection of employees, performance appraisal, motivation factors at the workplace, leadership issues and many other factors.

Medical Psychology:

Medical Psychology is related to the psychological effects of medical problems. How to deal with the mental side effects of illness, the psychological impact of a disease, self-screening for cancer and so many rehabilitation programmes, the list of tasks for the psychologist is quite long.

School Psychologists:

School Psychologists do psychological testing, referrals, emotional and vocational counselling, detect the learning disabilities like dyslexia and suggest methods to remove them; overall the objective is to improve classroom learning. The main of the psychologist is to identify problems related to learning and remove them.

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