Explain the Role of the Priest in Christianity.

The Christian priest is considered a man of God. He has the power to reveal the sacred world to the believers and is greatly respected. He conducts prayer, offers sacrifice and blesses the occasions such as birth, marriage, festivals, etc. When considering the role of a priest, we cannot just outline the things he  does it is what he holds importive first and foremost.

Normally, priests are ordained by the bishop of the diocese, They serves the religious order of which they will be a part. They are the bishop’s co-workers, and when priests are ordained, they make a promise of obedience to their bishop. Priests may be given responsibility for any of a bishop’s works or for parishes under his authority.

One of the main things a priest does as a co-worker with his bishop, is to carry out the Church’s mission to, proclaim, teach, and guard the word of God found in Scripture and authentic Catholic tradition. A priest with the authority of Christ carries on the priestly ministry of Jesus in a number of ways in his parish, or local area he is looking after. Chiefly he celebrates the Mass (which is the central worship of the Church) while acting in the person of Christ.

He will also celebrate some of the other sacraments, baptism, confession (often called reconciliation) marriage, and the sacrament of the sick (anointing and praying for those who are sick). He is also charged with shepherding (caring for and looking after) and governing God’s people in his parish or wherever he is placed by his bishop. The priest, therefore, living in the midst of the people, is called to teach, sanctify and lead through service. He is called to serve others and will be involved in the many various circumstances of life.

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