Explain the relationship of psychology with other academic disciplines.

With the help of psychological theories we are able to understand the origin of culture, customs, religious practices, etc. Psychological Anthropology and psychoanalytic anthropology are useful in providing an. explanation of the origin of cultures, customs and practices based on psychological factors.

Social psychology, organizational psychology and group dynamics have a close connection with sociology. Sociologists study the group formations and also try to study how they affect social life because these factors influence behaviour to a great extent. Psychologists have to understand the role of family, caste groups, class groups, etc in influencing human behaviour. In this context, sociological research has helped psychology a lot.

In economics, we study the economic activities of men and society, how men earn their income and how they spend it. Economic activities are a large part of human behaviour, and psychological factors have always been considered in economics as having played a major influence on human economic behaviour. Studies have been conducted by psychologists on the effect of income on our behaviour. Economic backwardness and poverty create a lot of social unrest and increase in crime due to many psychological factors, and this has been the subject of study in many psychological researches.

Psychology has a close connections with education. Educational psychology is in fact an important branch of psychology. Educators and teachers use the knowledge of child psychology to improve the teaching learning process. There are children with special needs, slow learners, dyslexics, mentally retarded children, etc. the knowledge of whose psychology makes it easy for educators to handle them. The principles of child psychology help in the teaching learning process and in the making of instructional aids.

Psychology and art and literature are also related. Study has been done on the role that psychological factors have had on pieces of literature and art pieces. Psychology is related to the medical sciences. It is important in the treatment of mental illnesses. For physiological problems also, the knowledge of psychology is essential. The development of fields like abnormal/clinical psychology as well as psycho dynamic approach to psychology has been facilitated by the medical sciences.

The use of psychology in engineering and management is becoming very important today. Many gadgets designed today for the purpose of making the lives of people convenient are such to minimize strain and stress and increase efficiency and output. For the sale of products, consumer survey needs to be done and the psychology of consumers is studied to improve sales and before launching new products.

In case of management, many researches in psychology have lent a vast amount of subject-matter to it. Leadership qualities, management practices, marketing, supply chain management have all benefited from psychological researches. The Human Resources team uses various psychological tests to recruit personnel and increase their efficiency while work.

Psychology is related to the cognitive sciences which is an interdisciplinary tool for the study of mind and intelligence, How to represent and transform information in, a brain or in a machine. Environmental psychology focuses on the interrelationship between the physical environment and human behaviour and existence. A lot many scholars from sociology, geography, anthropology, etc., as well as psychology have shown deep interest in the environmental sciences.

Psychology is very closely associated with Law and criminology. Psychological findings are used in the courtroom to provide information to legal personnel in the legal language to make it easily comprehensible to them. A forensic psychologist has the option of being trained in any branch of psychology. Thus, we see psychology shares a very close relationship with all major disciplines of study and applications as well.

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