Explain the Relationship Between Sociology and Science.

Before understand the relationship between sociology and science. It is important to understand what science is. Science is the use of systematic methods of empirical investigation, the analysis of data, theoretical thinking and the logical assessment of arguments to develop a body of knowledge about a particular subject matter. That is science involves a systematic approach to the study of a phenomena. Sociology cannot be modeled directly upon the natural sciences as studying human nature is fundamentally different from studying the world of nature.

However, sociology employ a systematic approach towards the study of society and builds a body of knowledge. Established patterns of interaction are deciphered and used to understand social behaviour. It studies the social rules and processes that bind and separate individuals as members of groups, associations and individuals, Due to the scientific method employed, with empirical research data collection and analysis, sociology can be considered a science of society.

However according to one viewpoint the systematic approach to the study of society makes sociology a science of society. Sociology.does not claim to be a potentially all inclusive and all sufficing science of society which might absorb the more specialized social sciences. The late origin of sociology does not mean that its standing as compared with other social sciences is very weak. Its scope has been clearly demarcated right from the early days. Its concepts, terms, typologies and generalizations leading to theories, emerged from the very beginning.

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