Nature and Significance of Political Theory

According to Arnold Brecht, theory comprises, a thinkers’ entire teaching on a subject, including his description of the facts, his explanations, his conception of history, his explanations, his value judgement and his proposals of goods of policy and of principles. Political Theory is based upon such generalizations which are made possible to politics through the labor of political scholars. In Contemporary society political theory has its relevance because of many reasons.

These reasons are –

  1. Future Planning is possible.
  2. Conceptualization becomes Possible.
  3. Provides knowledge of Political Reality.
  4. Useful in solving problems.
  5. Provides Legitimacy to Governments.
  6. Conceptual and Analytical clarity is obtained.
  7. Political Theories Inspire Political Movements.
  8. Historical understanding makes comparative study clear and easy.
  9. Helpful in establishing Universal Peace.

So above reasons shows that from are beginning political theory had been searching for solutions to resolve the problems arising in the society from time to time.

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