Explain the education from the perspectives of theories of education.

Education from the perspectives of the theories of education: The different thinkers have given different definitions of education. We have different theoretical stands for education too. More importantly, these theories can be grouped into

  • Descriptive theories.
  • Prescriptive theories.

Descriptive Theories:

These types of theories aim at purporting to give a correct amount of what education as a matter of fact does. According to T.W. Moore, the philosophy of education is concerned with what is said about education by those who practice it (teachers) and by those who theorize it (the educational theorists). Education in their view is the only way to make a person realize his potentialities. These theories describe what education does. Such theories work or fail as per the real world scenario.

Prescriptive Theories:

These kinds of theories do not describe the function of education but prescribe or to say give recommendations about what ought to be done by those who are engaged in the function of education. These are “pedagogical theories”. Like, when we say we must relate classroom teaching to the child’s real world, it is an example of prescriptive theory of education. Many educationists have given different sets of prescriptions addressed to those who are engaged in this noble task of education.

All educational theorists make use of the concept of education, teaching, knowledge, curriculum, pedagogy etc. while making a reasoned recommendation for practice. Theories of education can further be called

General theories of education, those which define the purpose of education, defining an educated man etc. For example, Rousseau describes that general theory of education emphasizes on production of a natural man or education according to nature.

Limited theories of education, those which are concerned with a particular educational issue like how to handle adolescents issues in the class, how to teach religion in a secular class etc. For example, Rousseau says that limited theories are concerned with sense training, physical training, training for self-reliance etc.

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