Explain the Aims of Education According to Bertrand Russell Western Philosopher.

Bertrand Russell is a British philosopher, logician and social critic. He did a lot of good work in mathematical logic and analytic philosophy. He received Nobel Prize for his literature in 1950. He and G.E. Moore are known as founders of analytic philosophy.

Analytic Philosophy: Analytic philosophy made use of logical analysis which lays stress on the significance of modern logic for philosophical analysis. He distinguished between knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description. He advocated reliance on evidence and not superstition. His writings in the field of social activism are also well known. He claimed that there is a strong link between education and social progress. He contributed greatly in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political theory and history of philosophy.

Aims of Education According to Bertrand Russell:

  • Letting individual realize his potentialities.
  • Enlargement of heart and mind and acquisition of skills.
  • Systematic education which is based on individual freedom an dwell being is recommended.
  • Fostering a spirit of international peace and unity.
  • He suggested four vital characteristics which education must help to inculcate in the learners. These are vitality, courage, sensitivity and intelligence.
  • Development of certain virtues of intelligence like creativity, open mindedness, and courage to accept criticism.

He suggested that vitality will develop physical and mental health. Courage to face life is required. It is important to be sensitive to socio-economic and other issues around you. Intelligence is required to acquire knowledge.

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