Explain education as a sub system.

Education as a Sub-system.

Education and society both are inter-related or inter-dependent because both mutually influence each other i.e. complimentary. Without education how we can build an ideal society and without society how we can organize education system systematically that means both are needed to understand. Education helps individuals to learn how to live, how to behave, how to organize everything in their lives so it is an agent which brings change in society or we can say in one line education is a social change agent.

If society is well structured and have ideals than it automatically effects the education. Social structure is generally built in religion, the way of living life, philosophy of members of society, politics, economy and it has some good ideals which help every individual and contribute in society after all educationalist, experts and psychologist are coming from society who mould the education system and make it more practical full-fledged with technologies.

So, we can find many schools, colleges have different System of teaching and learning. If we compare Indian society with other countries societies than we can find the change in education system which is mainly based on social structure and ideals. If a society develops day-by-day, it automatically brings change in society and society affects education and its ultimate objective is to make productive individual which can be fulfilled on through education.

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