Examine the Traditional and Modern concepts of Politics.

Traditional and Modern concepts of Politics.

It is also known as speculative, metaphysical and value laden theory. It takes the study of politics very close to the world of ethics and philosophy. Much of the writings of the idealist school from. Plato to Bosamquef fall in this category. Hobbes, lock and Gandhi’s ‘Ram Rajya’ also being to this category. This approach suggests and mode by which an imperfect social or political order could be made perfect. It is generally criticized for being a deductive, speculative, hypothetical, abstract, imaginative and utopian.

Modern concepts of politics:

The industrial revolution, emergence of bourgeoise class and fundamental change in social, economic sphere, after 1500 A.D. compounded to the emergence of modern political theory. Main features of modern political theory are the emphasis on empiricism, dissatisfaction with the utopias, search for making politics a science, alternative vision of society on casual lines and a critical examination of the underlying premises of political and social sciences. The following features of modern approach are worth to be noted.

  • Empiricism
  • Falsification
  • Behaviouralism
  • Hermencetics
  • Positivism
  • Trains -Empirical Theory
  • Neo-Positivism
  • Post-Behaviouralism
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