Draft Bill Modification 2024, 5-Year Jail, Rs 50 Lakh Fine For Fair Skin Ads.

New Delhi: The Health and Family Welfare Ministry has suggested the draft modification to the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertising Act, 1954). Using a strict penalty of a prison term of up to five years plus a fine up to Rs 50 lakh or both for ads for magic treatments and drugs boosting good skin, improving sexual performance, healing infertility, puberty in women, premature aging and greying of hair amongst others.

The draft modification has made Several additions to this listing of ailments, ailments, illnesses covered in the Act. The Act states that medications,”magic treatments” and goods to heal any of those 78 ailments, ailments, conditions termed shouldn’t be promoted.

Draft Bill Modification 2024

The newest additions include advertisements for medication for enhancing sexual performance and also skin tone and healing premature aging. AIDS, greying of baldness, sterility in women etc..

The modification proposes to Increase the penalties. For the initial conviction, the suggested punishment is imprisonment up to 2 years and fine up to Rs 10 lakh or both.

The Ministry stated the Amendment has been made so as to maintain pace with shifting technology and time. It’s been determined that tips, comments and opinions from the general public and stakeholders will be searched. They might be plotted over 45 days from the date of issue with the note.

An expansion of significance of an ad. It states,”any sound or visual Publicity, representation, endorsement or pronouncement created by way of mild, Noise, smoke, gasoline, print, digital media, online or site and comprises

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