Distinguish between the concepts of State Nation and Society.

Concepts of State Nation and Society.

Since state is the most intense political association which directs the social relationship of man and is the general control foundation of society, along these lines, its investigation ends up plainly imperative for an understudy of human science(sociology).

The state basically consists,of four components i.e. population, territory, government and sovereignty. In this manner, state is a relationship of individuals possessing a territory and living under a sovereign government. It differs from every single other relationship in two respects.its enrollment is required, it has sovereignty.

Nation refers to groups of people who have developed solidarity based on common identity of culture, religion, language and state. Society is ‘the broadest category of social organization which includes various social institutions such as Kinship, family, economy and polity.

In point of time, society is prior to the state therefore people lived in society much before the state emerged. Society exercises authority largely through customs and persuasion. While state is a territorial organization, a society does not occupy any definite territory. It may extend to the whole world. A society embraces the whole life of man and all those ties which bind men together. It refers to social relationships that are inter-linked. Emergence of Indian Nation State.

British India was characterized by a number of small and large political units who fought with each-other to establish dominance. There was no political unity under any rule. There was cultural commonness and identity, but no political identity as a nation.

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