Discuss the recommendations of the Mudaliar Commission for Secondary education in India.

The Secondary Education Commission was appointed by the Government of India on 23rd September 1952 under the Chairmanship of Dr. A. Lakshmana swami Mudaliar, Vice-Chancellor, Madras University to examine the prevailing system of secondary education in the country and to suggest measures for its reorganization and improvement with reference to the aims, organization and content of secondary education, its relationship to primary and higher education and the interrelation of secondary schools of different types.

Graduate teacher-training institutions should be recognized by and affiliated to universities which should grant the degree, while the secondary grade training institutions should be under the control of a separate board appointed for the purpose. Teacher-trainees should receive training in one or more of various extra-curricular activities.

Training colleges should, as a normal part of their work, arrange refresher courses, short intensive courses in special subjects, practical training in workshops and professional conferences. Training college should conduct research work in various important aspects of pedagogy and for this purpose it should have under its control an experimental or demonstration school.

No fees should be charged in training colleges, while during the period of training all student-teachers should be given suitable stipends by the State, the teachers who are already in service should be given the same salary which they were getting.

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