Discuss the Mahatma Gandhi Life Philosophy, and Aims of Education According to Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi Philosophy of Life:

Gandhiji lived his life on three pillars of peace,  truth and non-violence. He believed in these values so deeply that he claimed “I have no God to serve, but truth.” He further says that truth is the end and non-violence is the means. He took his-own life as an experiment with truth.

He preached universal brotherhood, service to humanity, simple living and deep commitment the values of truth and non-violence through his own life. Gandhiji’s philosophy is a fusion of naturalism, idealism and pragmatism. He believed that education should be based on needs and aspirations of Indian society. His educational philosophy can be understood by his scheme of Basic Education in particular and his life philosophy in general.

His basic education attempted to create an ideal society in which there will be small, self-reliant communities by incorporating values like hard work, respect for manual work, self-respect and generosity. In spite of failure, it has influenced Indian education system at many points.

Aims of Education According to Mahatma Gandhi:

In Gandhiji’s words, education means “drawing out of the best in the child and man  body, mind and spirit.” Education is inculcating truth and non-violence, physical development and awakening of the soul.

He claimed that self-realization is the ultimate goal of education. “True education must stimulate spiritual, intellectual and physical faculties of the children.” Education is not 3 Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic but 3Hs hand, head and heart. He suggested that schools should act as community centers where students are exposed to all opportunities to realize their hidden talents to the optimum.

He also emphasized on free, universal and compulsory education for the age group 7-14. Education must be able to inculcate feelings of love, sympathy, righteousness, integrity, self-restraint and purity of character.

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