Discuss the contributions of ancient greek philosophers to the development of psychology as a science.

The Greek philosophers had studied the nature of man’s psyche (mind/self/soul). There were philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle whose ideas made up the basis of ancient philosophy, which is the science out of which psychology has emerged.

Socrates, one of these philosophers taught that one should look deep within to understand oneself because what we experience through our senses is not the ultimate truth. Aristotle taught his concept of empiricism that science could rationally analyze only that information which, we get through sense organs. Another ancient Greek philosopher was Democritus who believed that both mind and body have effect on, behavior. He also said our behavior is influenced by external factors so our behavior is really not in our hands.

All the views cited above have their bearing on the subject psychology as we study it today. These philosophers were there before the Christian era, but their influence is there even today. Aristotle examined the cause and effect and outlined the laws of association-ism. The contents of his text-book are still found in psychology books today. Contemporary psychologists also believe in an interaction of biological and mental processes, like Democritus.

Thus, the ancient Greek ideas are influencing psychological thought even today.

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