Direct seeding of rice is helping Punjab farmers during Covid-19 pandemic

Direct seeding of rice helps punjab farmers in Self-reliant India’s concept is growing together with the pruning of farm labour, among farmers of Punjab, one of the country’s dominant granaries.

When the, the farmers are branching out to become tech savvy Sowing of water is on, way for the authorities to sow the seeds of less water-intensive technology that is mechanised.

The country was advocating to Place an End of transplanting manner — the only real method — together with the method of paddy plantation to the method that is age-old.

Together with the migration of labourers to their home states Amid the lockdown, agriculture specialists consider conditions have changed the mindset of a high number of farmers to select the new method instead of sticking to the way of sowing saplings in puddle fields.

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This period is estimated by government around 25 per cent of the Overall area of paddy will be attracted via the direct seeding of rice (DSR) procedure — a process that conserves water and labor.

Punjab has a goal to sow paddy on 26 hectares, including around seven lakh hectares under rice, this season.

For this, the state needs at least 600,000 labourers to If It goes transplant, by the standard procedure.

“When the yields are similar great, in another season The DSR acreage will double,” Gill explained.

In the season Transplantation in an acre was 2,500-3,000. This time it rose up to Rs.5,000.

Also, the paddy transplantation is labour-intensive And time.

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A nursery is prepared by the farmers and replant the Saplings Following 25-30 days.

The DSR technique does not require sapling or nursery transplantation. A machine drills to the area the seeds.

Manufactured Lucky Seeder that sows paddy but also sprays weedicides.

Expected since it will help slashing, to come beneath the way Cultivation costs,” Agriculture Secretary K.S. Pannu said.

He explained that the farm will help saving Lakhs of Litres of groundwater this past year.

Punjab, with only Cotton production of the country. Food grains to the national kitty alone.

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