Different between the Desktop computer vs Mainframe computer.

Mainframe computers were originally housed in large cases or frames, giving them the mainframe name, according to IBM. Mainframes were housed in large air-conditioned rooms. Personal computers were created for individual users and can sit on a desk or table.

Uses: When first created, personal computers were used for single purposes, such as writing letters or working on a budget. Personal computers are now used primarily as communication tools for the Internet, according to PC Mag. Mainframes are typically used as central data repositories to handle the data responsibilities of a network of computers, such as updating software and operating systems, according to IBM.

Size: The size of mainframe computers began to be miniaturized in the 1990s, when mainframes began to be known as servers or hubs. In the same period, the prices of personal computers began to be reduced by wholesale manufacturers, followed by the development of smaller PCs, such as laptops and handheld devices.


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