Development is a multi dimensional process. Discuss.

Development is a multi-dimensional process in which both the non-economic dimensions and the economic dimensions are important. Development thus, results in the simultaneous achievement of a number of objectives such as growth and equity. Rogers says development is “a widely participatory process of directed social change in a society, intended to bring about both social and material advancement for the majority of the people through their gaining greater control over their environment.

Development as a planned integrative process first came into practice in the 1920s in the Soviet Union. In the United States, planning became a normal practice for big corporations. In the development process, social groups which were earlier inactive now insist on participating actively in the development process, and sharing equitably in the fruits of productivity. Privileged groups on the other hand are not too keen to share the power they have previously monopolized with their fellow citizens.

All the nations now have adopted planning machinery and formulated plans for economic development. The plans may differ in character and quality as some are built on a solid factual foundation, while others have been put together with figures. The goals of some plans may be moderate, or realistic, some have goals which are out of reach. Some plans are adopted on government criteria while some others have no governing criteria. Also some plans are put into effect, others have remained on paper.

Plans can be long-term, medium-term and short-term on the basis of duration of their implementation. Long-term plans run for a tong period, may be for one or two decades. In such plans, intended direction, pattern and rate of development and the strategy to achieve the goals are set-forth in broad terms. Medium-term plans run for about five years and the development effort is planned in a way that is consistent with the design of the long-term plan. Short-term plans are undertaken in each financial year.

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