Describe the major elements of a political system.

Major elements of political system are:

Ideology: This constitutes an integrated system of beliefs and symbols and are meant to influence the sentiments of the followers. Different political parties profess different ideologies which are internalized by their adherents. Ideology may be based on political, economic, religious elements. In diffused societies political ideologies will have religious and economic bearings.

Structure: Political structure is influenced by the prevailing (rulers) ideology and the values and the level of development of society.

Process: Through the interaction between and within political systems emerge political processes. These are interactions between individuals and groups within the policy executive, legislature, judiciary bureaucracy etc.

Function: Specification of different functions within the political system is a characteristic of a modern political system.

Legitimacy Basis: For the state of exercise power and make the individuals submit to its authority, it must legitimize its power. The ways to legitimize authority, according to Weber is derived through traditional, charismatic and legal basis.

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