Describe the guidelines for better Human Resource Management (HRM).

The guidelines for better Human Resource Management (HRM) are:

HRM aims to ensure that people with the right skills and abilities are available in sufficient quantity to meet organizational needs by effectively forecasting and planning for future people requirements in each department of the charity.

Equal Opportunities Policy should aim to ensure fair and effective procedures and processes for the recruitment and deployment of people, thereby ensuring the best use of those people who will make the most effective contribution to the organization and to its beneficiaries.

Selection criteria are based on merit and equity is a fundamental consideration.

Remuneration and working conditions need to attract and retain people.

Performance management needs to provide the crucial link between individual and team performance, attitudes and behavior with the overall aims and objectives, culture and values of the organization.

Improving organizational effectiveness and individual performance and satisfy their personal development needs by providing people with opportunities to develop the skills and competencies required to fulfill their current responsibilities as well as helping them to pursue their own career goals.

Acknowledgement of the need for leadership and staff participation designed to encourage individual performance and linking individual aspirations with and corporate objectives and aims. Working together as part of an integrated rather than fragmented approach should serve to foster recognition of the interdependence of staff and management at all levels:

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