Compare Fantasy with Displacement and Identification with Interjections.

Fantasy with Displacement.

Fantasy is a way of getting away from the realities of life into the world of dreams where things appear as we want them to be. It temporarily relieves an individual from stress, anxiety and fear of failure. It will not be wrong to say that it spice up our lives. e.g: a man attracted to a beautiful woman knows that he will not be able to get her; fantasies seducing her. Fantasy can range from simple imaginations to harmful obsessions. On the other hand, displacement is a mechanism in which we take out our anger frustration and irritation on a person who is actually.not responsible for our state of mind. e.g, an employee receives a wrath of his boss, takes out his frustration on his wife and children.

Displacement is a way by which a person vents out his pent up emotions of anger or frustrations on objects who do not pose any threat to him at the same time relieves him from the state of depression.

Identification with Interjections.

Identification is a defense mechanism in which a person tries to copy visible traits of others’ personality in order to look like a person he/she idealizes. Identification is mechanism which increases the self worth of a person and helps in overcoming the feeling of inferiority e.g. a boy tries to copy his father in tie way the father dresses up and talk over the phone. The child idealizes his father like a hero and a perfect figure. He wants to be like him so he tries copy his father. Identification includes the external elements like hair style. clothing etc. and also internal factors like values, and attitude of people. Interjections are a defense mechanism in which a person takes on the attributes of other person into his ego systems.

Whether the individual identify with those attributes or not is immaterial. Interjections can be positive as well as negative; e.g. a person taking on the strength of his senior, whom he idealize, may also take in his aggression and ruthless behavior.

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