Amazon Launches New $90 Fire HD 8 Tablet

Amazon launches two new Fire HD 8 Tablet starting from $89.99. The entry-level model, the Fire HD 8, has a faster processor (2GHz processor up from 1.3GHz). The begin shipping on June 3, Amazon said Wednesday.

Having a bigger screen than a Telephone, tablet computers are normally Well-positioned for the kinds of activities people do in the home, including content consumption. Lockdowns have boosted earnings of tablet computers and other big electronics from the USA. TV, pill and PC sales grew up 33 percent over year in the very first week of May, study company NPC estimated that week.

Amazon’s strategy is to sell pills at low costs and then Make money when consumers use them to buy digital content like movies and publications on its site. A number of Amazon’s devices also package in a free trial period for Amazon’s content solutions, which can help boost their subscriber numbers. Amazon’s tablets cost much less than competing iPads out of Apple, which start at $329, but Apple’s devices normally feel more premium.

The announcement of the new versions also suggests that Amazon’s electronics supply chain is functional enough for new product launches.

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In 2019, Amazon has been the No. 4 tablet maker globally.

The new tablets bill utilizing USB-C, which is the standard Charger for the majority of notebooks, tablet computers and Android telephones. The devices have microSD card slots, which may extend the built in storage. Battery life for the two devices has been around for about 12 hours in 10.

Amazon can also be releasing a version geared toward kids for $139.99 which comes with a lasting, kid-friendly case. The Fire HD Kids Edition Subscription support for child-friendly publications, games and videos.

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