4 Ways to Store Fresh Ginger for a Year.

Storing ginger is a very simple task, but most of us don’t know, How to store fresh ginger for long? This article mentioned some useful kitchen tips to keep fresh ginger up to a year or more.

A Short Overview of Ginger.

Ginger is widely used as a spice and folk medicine. It is unlimited health benefits too. Ginger also helps is boost immunity. Around the world, India is the number one in the production and consuming ginger.

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Tips for storing Fresh Ginger.

Grind and Store

To store ginger for one year or more, the grind and store method is best and easy.

For the grind and store method, you have to take 500gm of ginger. Then remove the peel, and grind it. In between grinding, add five teaspoons of salt or around 60gm to 70gm of salt.

And make sure ginger is properly grind, and salt is also properly mixed.

Note: Don’t add water in ginger to grind. If you added water, then the age of ginger storage will be decreased to 3 to 4 months. And don’t store it in a plastic container. A Glass container is preferable.

Store Ginger in Zipper bag

A zipper bag is another easiest method to store ginger for a long. You can store ginger for a month using a zipper bag. Before closing the zip bag, make sure that you have pushed out the whole air.

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Store ginger in Airtight Container

Using an airtight container, you can preserve ginger for around one month.

Vacuum Sealing

It is also a very simple way to store ginger and other food products such as fruits and vegetables. This is like you found in supermarket food storage. But it is a little bit costly to do that.

You need to purchase the vacuum sealing machine and special plastic bag to seal it—regular plastic bag not working in this vacuum sealing process.

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Bottom Line

Above all, I have mentioned four tips to store fresh ginger for a long. Among those Grind and Store method is very easiest to store for a long.

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