Write a note on Committed Bureaucracy.

The commitment of a civil servant extends to establishing a society in which there will be no exploitation, a society in which every citizen will be provided with equality of opportunity, a society which endeavor to break the past shackles which discriminated between one citizen and another. It is this broad commitment which is the cornerstone of the edifice and not attachment to any particular party in power. So far as the party in power is concerned, the concept that the civil servant advises the political authority fearlessly and without any consideration whether the advice is accepted or rejected, should prevail.

Since the developing countries are engaged in rapid socio-economic transformation under the leadership of the Government of the day, Public Administration has necessarily a very crucial role to play in this drama of national development.

The involvement of civil servants in numerous decisions, be it the location of a steel plant or the sitting of a village school building, makes them partners in development along with the politicians. Questions of value get inextricably mixed up with technical,. professional advice commitment, in such circumstances, assumes a new meaning and a new significance.

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