What is a balanced nutritious diet?

Balanced Nutritious Diet.

Our body needs food produce the energy required for both the internal and the external activities. Thus food acts as a fuel for running the machine which is our body. The energy or food or fuel required by an individual depends upon the kind of activities performed. As the name indicates, a balanced diet is a diet which consists of combination of various foods which can provide essential proteins, vitamins and minerals in proper quantity and proportion to keep a person healthy.

Obesity: Wait gain is not always due to heredity or by a lot of eating. Some people eat a lot, but do not gain weight. This is because they use up all the calories by physical activities. When the calorie intake is more than needed, the excess is deposited in the form of fat resulting in the overweight Of the body.

FOOD FADS: Some FADS like fish and milk or radish and milk when taken together can result in the skin diseases. Milk should not be taken with fruits. Like this there are few food combinations which can cause illness. In this case we should consult a physician for the proper combination of diet.

FOOD ALLERGIES: Food allergies are allergy caused in some people by eating certain substances in a food. Some people are allergic to pollen, other allergies happen when coming in contact with the skin. Fish, egg, milk and milk products are some food which cause allergies.

ADULTERATION OF FOOD: Food and medicines are sold in adulterated forms. They are flavored using chemicals. Milk is adulterated with powder or water. Dais with the pulses and stones. Some spices are adulterated with slow poisoning substances which can cause cancer.’ The consumer is therefore required to take proper care while buying food and medicines.

MALNUTRITION AND ILL HEALTH: If we do not take a balanced diet, it causes malnutrition i.e. deficiency of nutrients causing impairment of health. Poverty, population and ignorance are the main causes of malnutrition in India.

Some diseases like kwashiorkar or marasmus are caused due to protein deficiency. Rickets are caused due to deficiency of vitamins D. Deficiency of iodine causes enlargement of thyroid glands Therefore, proper nutrition and food habits are required to prevent malnutrition in our country.

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