Mention the objectives and strategies of planning in India.

The main attempt of the planning was to evolve the strategies to at least minimize the problems being faced by the people at large. The essential objective is to secure rapid advance along democratic and egalitarian lines. Planning aims towards:

  • A sizable increase in national income so as to raise the standard of living in the country.
  • Rapid industrialization with particular emphasis on the development of basic and heavy industries.
  • A large expansion of employment opportunities, and
  • Reduction of inequalities in income and wealth and a more even distribution of economic power.

These objectives are inter-related to each other and should be pursued in a balanced way. Low or static standards of living, under employment and un-employment, and to a certain extent, the gap between the average and the highest incomes are all manifestations of basic under development which characterizes an economy depending mainly on agriculture. The core of development is thus rapid industrialization and diversification of the economy.

The Third Five Year Plan also emphasizes the same objectives, i.e.

  • Planned development,
  • Progress towards socialism.
  • Provision of equality of opportunity.
  • Equal ,distribution of economic power.
  • Bridging the gap between disparities in income, and
  • Economic and social integration.

The Plan observes: Thus, ever since independence, two main aims have guided India’s planned development to build up by democratic means a rapidly expanding and technologically progressive economy and a social order based on justice, and offering equal opportunity to every citizen.

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