Comment on agriculture in the following special areas: (i) Arid Zone (ii) Dry lands (iii) Hilly regions.

Agriculture in different zones are treated differently as the conditions and the requirements of these areas are different. Let us see how the agriculture in the following areas are treated and what are the basic requirements.

Arid Zone: Temperature in the arid zone is low and there is scarcity of water. Because of this, crops that can withstand cold are can mature faster are grown in this region. For agriculture animals such as goats, camels, etc. are reared. In these regions, suitable grasses and trees that yield fruits and fuel-wood are grown. Cattle, sheep and goats are reared in such regions.

Dry lands: These areas are Dependant on rains and to meet the requirement of water, it is conserved to meet the agricultural needs. Crops like sunflower, mustard, groundnut, cotton and various pulses which require less amount of water are grown in these regions.

Hilly Regions: Forestry is done in these areas. In the next zone, fruit trees, grasses and legumes are grown. In the third zone, different varieties of crops are raised on terraces. Some farming systems like fish culture, bee keeping, etc. are done in this region.

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