5 Powerful Use of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is made of the fresh, matured kernel of the coconut with natural means, with no usage of heat. Employing the cold fighting method of extraction, cold pressed virgin coconut oil has a good taste and aroma and essentially keeps the pure goodness of this oil.

Health Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

A natural skin moisturizer

Coconut oil has been a popular ingredient in many beauty products and has been a staple for many beauty-conscious women around the earth. Virgin coconut oil expressed with cold pressing technique has a mild odor and is rich in medium chain fatty acids making it an effective moisturizer for the face and body.

It’s naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal which also helps make the skin smooth. It keeps skin hydrated also helps to improve skin elasticity. It is mild yet effective to soothe and soften the skin.

Coconut oil also functions as a cosmetics remover particularly for removing water proof makeup. Simply apply it on the face as a cleaner or utilize a cotton pad to swipe off makeup residue.

Overall, Virgin coconut oil is just multi-purpose oil which serves the needs of health and beauty conscious consumers. A definite staple in most home.

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Boosts energy:

The special blend of fatty acids i.e. MCFAs possess a powerful effect on metabolism, so they have been simple to absorb and pass through the blood flow and to the liver that’s later changed into energy. The petroleum turns into monolaurin which is an anti-microbial representative, regulating bad bacteria and supports good bacteria from the gut.

Virgin coconut oil is actually a well-established beauty product, used for several years. However, in recent time, physical fitness advocates have hypothesized the oil has several health benefits that is readily incorporated in the diet also.

Virgin coconut oil is also vegan-friendly and is suitable for all sorts of cooking, sauteing, baking and stirs frying. It may also be used as a base oil to coat vegetables while cooking or to simply dress salads.

Fitness enthusiasts also suggest adding coconut oil into morning teas, smoothies and also coffee. The coconut oil is also considered as a substitute for butter and other oils from baking, which is an extra health booster while preparing vegan desserts at home.

Since cold pressed virgin coconut oil has a smooth and light feel that it can be employed for direct ingestion as well, two spoons of virgin coconut oil every morning provides you with a nutritious start to your afternoon and boosts over health and wellbeing from the very long haul.

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Hair-care with Virgin coconut oil

A well-established fact that coconut oil is also long known for its health properties and can be used for topical application, one that nourishes our hair, with its antifungal properties.

Coconut oil comprises lauric acid and essential fatty acids that helps in strengthening the entire scalp, and conditions the skin. A virgin coconut oil massage stimulates blood flow into the hair roots that assist in hair growth naturally.

In India, coconut oil has been used over centuries for scalp oiling. It’s an affordable hair remedy that restores the hair’s moisture and soothes the hair and scalp, provides relief to get the itchy scalp whilst making dead hair appear shiny, soft and conditioned.

Improves the immune system:

The important Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA’s) present in Virgin coconut oil are Lauric acid, Caprylic acid and Capric acid, together they help increase the immune system of their human anatomy.

Lauric acid and its monoglyceride are effective in destroying a huge array of lipid-coated germs by multiplying their lipid membranes. Monolaurin functions as a antivirus that targets eloped viruses by trapping the protective lipids surrounding it.

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Ayush Ministry of India has identified certain self-care recommendations which include oil-pulling as an immune boosting step. Oil pulling is an early Ayurvedic detoxification therapy that includes swishing a spoonful of oil at the mouth for approximately 5 minutes.

Utilizing cold pressed virgin coconut oil to acrylic pulling helps you get rid of bacteria inside the mouth area as the technique assists in overall wellness and well being.

Supports weight control:

Virgin coconut oil is also a oil source containing a higher concentration of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which may have shown favorable effects on weight control. Research shows that routine ingestion of virgin coconut oil reduces cravings for food and helps alleviate abdominal fat that in turn aids in weight management.

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