Write short note on importance of variety offered in a city tour.

Importance of the Variety Offered in a Tour:

A lot of work goes into planning a tour. Even when the proposed rout is familiar and even when the entire package is a repeat of previous trips/years, there are still many details to review, Though standard tours may continue to thrive, today’s traveller may be looking for something extra, something different i.e something to experience and later talk about. Obviously, not every one is a candidate for every tour but the variety of available itineraries reminds us that there are many places to see and things to do that are outside the typical tour package.

What the careful planner must do is try to anticipate future demands of a fickle public. There are unlimited possibilities in this regard. Planning varies with the company and with the nature of the tour. Large tour operators have many of their itineraries set from year to year. But, even with the traditionally popular tour, someone has to establish the initial programme, and someone has to keep the diversion fresh and exciting.

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